15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022

I love seasonal nails. Even though the year just started, I am already thinking of Valentine’s Day Nails. Are you as excited as I am? I searched for hours on my favorite social media for inspiration, Instagram. I searched for countless hours. Before work, during work, and after work. On my days off and everyContinue reading “15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022”

Target Finds for Spring and Summer

Hello Tuesday! These shoes have been a great addition to my Spring wardrobe. It is perfect for those rainy, colder days like today. Denver has been gloomy, rainy, and cold all weekend. Truth be told, I live for this weather! We moved up here from Texas 4 years ago and we are enjoying every singleContinue reading “Target Finds for Spring and Summer”