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Easy Salisbury Steak

First of all, I can’t take complete credit for this recipe. I have this recipe by cincyshopper.com bookmarked on my browser. Of course, I had to add something of my own to this recipe so essentially this is my version. In all honesty, I didn’t change much though because it is the best salisbury steakContinue reading “Easy Salisbury Steak”

Weekly Meal Plan

As a busy working mom, if I have struggled with anything lately it is getting meals cooked for my family. I work from home doing customer service for a popular website. My husband is legally blind. I have seven children in total living at home. Three of those are home schooled. When I say IContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan”


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Hi, I’m Jenny. I am a 39 year old mom of seven, wife, dog mom, family cook, and writer sharing my favorites. I promise you won’t leave here without some new inspiration!

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