Easy Salisbury Steak

First of all, I can’t take complete credit for this recipe. I have this recipe by cincyshopper.com bookmarked on my browser. Of course, I had to add something of my own to this recipe so essentially this is my version. In all honesty, I didn’t change much though because it is the best salisbury steakContinue reading “Easy Salisbury Steak”

Weekly Meal Plan

As a busy working mom, if I have struggled with anything lately it is getting meals cooked for my family. I work from home doing customer service for a popular website. My husband is legally blind. I have seven children in total living at home. Three of those are home schooled. When I say IContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan”

15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022

I love seasonal nails. Even though the year just started, I am already thinking of Valentine’s Day Nails. Are you as excited as I am? I searched for hours on my favorite social media for inspiration, Instagram. I searched for countless hours. Before work, during work, and after work. On my days off and everyContinue reading “15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022”

Mexican Wedding Cookie Recipe – Pan De Polvo

If you are looking for a simple and delicious recipe for these cookies, you have come to the right place. This recipe is so easy, my teenage daughters who have zero experience in the kitchen made these cookies perfectly. Mexican wedding cookies are not only traditional to weddings, but they are also traditional to ourContinue reading “Mexican Wedding Cookie Recipe – Pan De Polvo”

20 Trendy Winter Nail Designs To Try This Season

I can hardly believe it is December already. There are so many things I love about winter. All the warm, cozy things. I have been baking like crazy too. Anyone else? So of course, now that the season is changing, I had to research the cutest nail designs for winter. You can definitely do someContinue reading “20 Trendy Winter Nail Designs To Try This Season”

30 Trendy Fall Nail Designs to Try This Season

Fall vibes right now! This is my favorite season. I just had to collect a few Fall Nail Ideas to try from Instagram. There is so much inspiration there. I feel like these could be done at home, but can also be screenshot to take to the salon. For Do It At Home press onContinue reading “30 Trendy Fall Nail Designs to Try This Season”

Authentic Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican rice has been a common side dish for my entire life. Growing up in a Hispanic household, tacos and rice aren’t only reserved for Tuesdays. Sometimes we had tacos twice a week or more. HAHA. I remember watching my mom cook her rice. She would brown the rice in the oil while I wouldContinue reading “Authentic Mexican Rice Recipe”

The Best XL Press On Nails On Amazon

Amazon is the best for finding beauty items. When I am in searching for items like press on nails, I have had the best luck on Amazon! Not only do they last a long while, they are affordable too! It is fun to wear them once in a while to dress up any look. IContinue reading “The Best XL Press On Nails On Amazon”

Target Finds for Spring and Summer

Hello Tuesday! These shoes have been a great addition to my Spring wardrobe. It is perfect for those rainy, colder days like today. Denver has been gloomy, rainy, and cold all weekend. Truth be told, I live for this weather! We moved up here from Texas 4 years ago and we are enjoying every singleContinue reading “Target Finds for Spring and Summer”