Authentic Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican rice has been a common side dish for my entire life. Growing up in a Hispanic household, tacos and rice aren’t only reserved for Tuesdays. Sometimes we had tacos twice a week or more. HAHA. I remember watching my mom cook her rice. She would brown the rice in the oil while I wouldContinue reading “Authentic Mexican Rice Recipe”

The Best XL Press On Nails On Amazon

Amazon is the best for finding beauty items. When I am in searching for items like press on nails, I have had the best luck on Amazon! Not only do they last a long while, they are affordable too! It is fun to wear them once in a while to dress up any look. IContinue reading “The Best XL Press On Nails On Amazon”

Target Finds for Spring and Summer

Hello Tuesday! These shoes have been a great addition to my Spring wardrobe. It is perfect for those rainy, colder days like today. Denver has been gloomy, rainy, and cold all weekend. Truth be told, I live for this weather! We moved up here from Texas 4 years ago and we are enjoying every singleContinue reading “Target Finds for Spring and Summer”