15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022

I love seasonal nails. Even though the year just started, I am already thinking of Valentine’s Day Nails. Are you as excited as I am? I searched for hours on my favorite social media for inspiration, Instagram.

I searched for countless hours. Before work, during work, and after work. On my days off and every day in between. I believe I have found the best nail design inspiration on the internet for Valentine’s Day 2022.

15 Cute and Trendy Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2022

1. Abstract Designed Almond Shaped

photo credit: Instagram @pilotwifeyogi

These are the first that caught my eye on Instagram. I don’t know if it is the lighting, but I love this set. The design is so simple, almond shaped are my favorites and they are short enough for a busy mom like myself.

2. Blush, Black and White Set

photo credit: Instagram @ellerieamor

I have always been a sucker for the blush, black and white color combo. I think red would be a good alternative for the blush-colored polish if you would prefer. The heart design really ties it altogether.

3. Pink Love Short Square Nails

photo credit: Instagram @beautiquebyjessica

I love how natural these nails look. Can you tell I kind of prefer the shorter nails? Nothing against long nails at all. Just Mom Life you know.?

4 Gray and Red Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @nailartburgeon

5 Long Almond Heart Design

photo credit: Instagram @beautyatnumber4

6 XL Glittery French Tip Purple Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @covernailsx

This was the only XL set that caught my eye. I love purple for Valentine’s Day too.

7. Golden Arrow Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @queenbcreative

8. Lavendar and Pastel with Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @gf_nailbar

I really love these. They are so beautiful. Taking a screenshot of this set and taking it with me to the nail salon because these are true V Day vibes.

9. Queen of Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @beautiquebyjessica

Don’t know why but when thinking of a name for this Valentine’s Day nail set, I was reminded of Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. Probably because of the black and red hearts, but this set is truly adorable.

10. Ballerina Grunge Love

photo credit: Instagram @beautiquebyjessica

11. Simple Black Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Super cute yet so simple. The heart could be any color and still look polished and put together.

12. Spider Web Hearts

photo credit: Instagram @naileditbeauty

I could be wrong. It looks like a spider web. I love the detail on this set. The soft delicate pattern behind the cute little French tipped hearts is pleasing to the eye.

13. Ombre Pink Set

photo credit: Instagram @karin.nailedit

14. French Tip Hot Pink

photo credit: heygreatnails

15. Lavendar Love

photo credit: @thehotblend

Last, but definitely not least is this set. Love the purple for V-Day but any color would look gorgeous.

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