The Best XL Press On Nails On Amazon

Amazon is the best for finding beauty items. When I am in searching for items like press on nails, I have had the best luck on Amazon! Not only do they last a long while, they are affordable too!

It is fun to wear them once in a while to dress up any look. I am still working my way into all the spring colors I ordered, but I honestly can’t wait until I can get some summer colors in! These are the sets that I have featured on my instagram page so far.

What I love most about the nails linked above from Amazon is that they come long in length, but they can be cut as short as you like. As a mom of little kids, obviously I prefer the shorter nails, so you can find me cutting mine down to size.

Summer Blue Nails

Comes in a set of 240 nails. This is one color out of many gorgeous colors perfect for this time of year!

These exact ones are linked above.

Dark Green Nails

Comes in a set of 240 nails in the most beautiful colors. Long lasting and long in length.

I prefer mine short, but they come really long in length. They are super easy to cut down to any size.

These white ones are my favorites because they go with everything! These are so long lasting. It is a combination of the nails and the nail glue I use which I will link right below. This nail glue is a must for longer lasting press ons!

This color screams fall vibes! These are my all time favorite press on nails.

All of the nails featured in this blog post come extra long in length and I trimmed them down to a shorter size.

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